CasusGrill is a portable, lightweight, clean and convenient barbecue.


For camping, picnic, or the balcony, CasusGrill is ready anytime, simple to use, and no mess to clean up.


CasusGrill takes only 5 minutes to get grilling but provides over 1 hour of cook time.


CasusGrill is 100% biodegradable, compostable, or recyclable.


CasusGrill provides a high even temperature that ensures your food gets properly grilled with a delicious crispy barbecue finish.

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Bamboo Grills


Bamboo is the most sustainable wood on Earth, resistant to heat and fire

Cardboard is renewable and recyclable

Sandstone insulate the BBQ area, preventing the cardboard form burning

Lava Rocks/Sandstone

Bamboo "Charcoal"

Compressed Bamboo is renewable, produce no flame, and zero rate carbon emisions


CasusGrill contains no plastic, no metal, and no fossil fuel and quickly degrades to soil

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