About Us

The Story of the CasusGrill

The CasusGrill was born on a camping trip in 2009 by Carsten and Susanne, a husband and wife team from Denmark. 

Throughout their trip they noticed aluminium trays and fuel containers scattered everywhere. Over 30 million 1lb propane bottles add to landfills every year. And that is just the 1lb bottles.

propane bottles fill landfills

Knowing that these items take anywhere from 100-500 years to decompose (depending on humidity and other factors), they made a commitment to develop a more sustainable option.

Not only does the CasusGrill eliminate the need for aluminium single-use bbqs, but the CasusGrill uses bamboo charcoal briquettes that emit up to 50% less C02 emmissions than other bbqs that use the same amount of traditional charcoal.
The CasusGrill is made from lava rocks, bamboo, and FSC cardboard; making it a sustainable, 100% biodegradable barbeque.